Industry leaders and pioneers in the field of
private professional patient advocacy

About the Instructor

Teri Frykenberg (Dreher)


  • Chief Advocate and President, NShore Patient Advocates in Chicago
  • Founder of Seniors Alone Guardianship & Advocacy Services, 501c3
  • Board Certified Patient Advocate
  • With 36 years of ICU clinical experience
  • A nationally known expert on patient advocacy and patient safety, quoted in Forbes, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Prevention Magazine, Crain’s Business and many more publications
  • Award winning author, newspaper columnist, recipient of multiple local and national awards for patient advocacy and business excellence

Not only am I passionate about patient advocacy and pulling the patient back into the center of the model of US healthcare, I am passionate about teaching and mentoring new RN patient advocates all around the country the past few years. I show my students how to save money, time and get right to the crux of how to run a private professional advocacy consulting firm from the start. Others don’t have to make all the same costly mistakes that I did. Starting my own company has been the best career decision of my life and I am so excited to be offering this course to others now. The world has never needed us more than today!

– Teri Frykenberg (Dreher)


Teri is a well known speaker in the healthcare community in Chicagoland. Audiences enjoy her story rich style and relatable content that teaches, inspires and equips others to better navigate the modern healthcare maze.

Advocating for Our Families in an Era of National Crisis

How can you effectively advocate for your loved ones or yourself in the changing world of healthcare? With 36 years of critical care and cardiovascular nursing experience, Teri offers practical tools to help lay people and health professionals alike understand basic principles of engagement with healthcare providers, plus advice on responding to unexpected medical events.

Understand the basics of the multi-faceted healthcare system and how to communicate to receive the best care.

Patient Advocacy 101: How Healthcare Providers Can Keep Patients at the Center of the Continuum of Care

Today, healthcare providers are under heavy pressure to contain costs and do more with less. Providers are often frustrated about their time constraints and patients often feel lost, confused and frightened. Learn simple ways to enhance the patient experience as well as well as your own job satisfaction by becoming more effective advocates from wherever you are in the healthcare continuum.

Reduce readmission rates, improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

How to Reach and Empower “Senior Orphans” in America

What is a senior “orphan” or “solo-ager,” and how will they affect the healthcare market as we age? Senior orphans are adults with no nearby family members to help take care of them, and this can result in greater health risks. How can we effectively help this demographic? What referrals are most helpful to seniors with limited social networks? This presentation will teach and empower both healthcare professionals and community members who face similar challenges in caring for their loved ones and planning for their future.

Learn how to assist senior orphans with appropriate resources and plan well for the best and safest care.